Silly Winter Golf

Oh winter golf, don’t you just love it? No.


It’s been a tough, frustrating and muddy couple of weeks. I’ll keep this latest update fairly brief as I’m sure many of you (UK folk certainly); will be experiencing the same things as me.

The course is too wet and muddy to play! Winter golf is just not happening.

Last week I didn’t get to go out. Our course WAS open, however with the amount of rain and mud only one group actually went out so I was restricted to the range. This weather is not helping the challenge!

This week, I managed to play. The course wasn’t really any better, but the sun was out (kind of!) and I was desperate to play. Winter golf WILL be my friend.

It was so tough. It was a 4 ball better ball comp, so I didn’t really keep my personal score. I was also trying to focus more on the mental stuff, as well as trying to develop some kind of routine. My partner and me did ok in the competition, but I still left the course annoyed and frustrated about winter golf. Here’s why winter golf is stupid:


1) You can’t hit down on the ball. The second you do, your club takes a detour and heads underground. To add further punishment, your face gets a splattering of mud. So, you have to try and clip them off the top. This is not as easy as you think!

2) Slippy ground and winter tee boxes. When it’s wet and muddy, you’re feet slip. This is not ideal for a golf swing! Even with old school football boots on, I still think you’d slip during the swing.


And for my 3rd and BIGGEST annoyance:


PLUGGED BALLS!!! On Saturday, on two separate holes I hit two perfectly good (one great, even if I say so myself!) shots. I walked up to the whereabouts of my ball on both holes. I looked for it, but it was nowhere to be seen!!! The ball had plugged, never to be seen again! This happened to my playing partner once and me twice on Saturday. I think that must be THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!!! I swear I could hear the damn ball laughing at me. If it’s a bad shot, you have to accept losing your ball, but when it’s a good shot, it’s somewhat harder to swallow.


Winter Golf


I know for the purpose of keeping playing on the course that I have to persevere, despite all of the above. Silly, silly winter golf. I am however, going to bed every night praying for wind and no rain to try and dry out our course.  Even just a few dry days as I’m sure this is doing the challenge more harm than good! I do hope the golfing gods are listening.


indoor winter golf!


One little ray of sunshine. I went with a few of the guys from the golf club to Indoor Golf Café Bar in Leeds. This was ace for the following reasons:

It was dry.

We got to play Spyglass Hill.

We drank beer at the same time.

Oh…and me and my partner Sam won!!


That kind of winter golf I think I can handle!



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