I will be a Single Figure Golfer!

Easter week has meant lots of golf for me, and I hoped I’d at least start playing a little like a single figure golfer by the end of it! It all started with my round on Good Friday, which I played with Ryan and Sam and won our little comp with a 43. This left me feeling pretty confident heading into the Saturday competition.

ROUND 1 – Saturday (18 holes)

I went out on Saturday and tried to keep the momentum of Friday with me. I played with my usual partner Russ (15 hcp – plays like a single figure golfer), Sam (10 hcp – almost a single figure golfer) and Andy (5 hcp – serious single figure golfer) who joined us too.  It was nice to be playing with a group of golfers that were all significantly better than me. I always think this helps push your own golf game up a notch.

It was supposed to be a glorious sunny day on Saturday, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. It was cold….really cold!! So much so, the woolly hat was out again!! It was also the first round for a long time off the comp tees.


Single figure golfer - comp tees


Andy and Sam got us off, but despite their low handicaps, both had total shockers off the tee. I hit it ok but Russ hit a belter. I hit my second shot short, and then over hit my third! Chipped on and two putted for a 6/2 (Stableford comp). Didn’t play the next particularly well either, but putted well and scraped a bogey. 3 putted the 3rd for a double after duffing my 3 wood off the tee. 3 holes down and I don’t feel anywhere near as confident as I did on Friday.

Played the next three holes well; par, bogey, par which netted me 9 points for the three holes. But, just as I start to think its back on track and maybe this IS one of those rounds where it all comes together… BOOM! The golfing gods fight back and hit me with two triple bogeys! Neither should have been, as I didn’t really play them badly… I just made some sloppy shots where I lost my concentration.

After 9 holes, I scored 48 / 16 points. Not ideal and NOT the front nine of a single figure golfer.

The back got worse. It really was a card of extreme golf. It had pars, bogeys, double bogeys and even a couple of really silly 8’s just for good measure. It really wasn’t going to be one of those low scoring rounds of golf.

I finished the back with a hideous 52/12 points. Not good!

Now, here are my excuses.

1)   It was really cold, and I wasn’t dressed appropriately (I know, this is a shocking excuse but I’m sticking with it!).

2)   It was the first round where the course was fully open so we were off the back tees.

3)   I was just a bit rubbish

4)   I don’t have anymore excuses!

The big one in all seriousness, was playing from the back tees. Wow, it really makes a huge difference. Having not played off them for 6 months, it took us the entire round to get used to it. You have to change your entire strategy. I also spent too much time thinking about this rather than just hitting the ball!

ROUND 2 – Monday (10 holes)

Nipped out Easter Monday with Russ again, and this time just played 10 holes. Matchplay, winner gets the coffee!

Struck it really well, and at times really did play like a single figure golfer. For the first 6 holes, I had one double bogey (annoyingly on the 3rd which is a relatively easy par 4), but the rest were par & bogey. Finished +5 gross for the 6 holes. Most importantly, I was winning our little comp! We went on to play holes 13-16, which I played +2 gross. So, finished +7 gross for 10 holes. I’ll take that score all day long…that’s ALMOST the kind of score of a single figure golfer right? The main thing was that Russ had to buy this…


single figure golfer - coffee


ROUND 3 – Wednesday (9 holes)

Out early doors once again with Russ, who was determined to beat me so I could return the coffee! We only had time for 9 holes, but could I get lower than the previous one – could I score like a single figure golfer?

Started great, striking the ball beautifully and feeling full of confidence. After the first three holes I was +1 gross. Then, the wheels fell off a bit. Put one into the trees on the par 3 4th and finished with a 6. Stupidly, followed it with another 6 on the 5th. After a par on the 6th, I really thought I’d steadied the ship but I hadn’t.

single figure golfer - wed


Had a bogey on 7 but then a triple bogey on 8. This was the spoiler. After the first few holes my swing just didn’t feel as solid. I was over thinking the shots and my swing, and as you’ll know if you’ve read my previous posts… swinging and thinking never ends well! Had a par on the 9th but it was too little too late. Russ beat me!

I finished with a 46, +10 gross. Although I played to my handicap, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed after the momentum I had going into this game. However, at least I know where it fell down.

I need to make sure I only focus on one thing. THE TARGET! Forget the swing during the round. Have a thought through the practice and pre shot element, but once you get to hitting the ball just think of the target. This is what I didn’t do, and this is why I didn’t score like the single figure golfer I wanted to.

I also didn’t trust my swing enough.

What this did give me was some confidence. Confidence that the game of a single figure golfer IS in there somewhere. I can put a run of holes together and score well. I just need to trust my swing and stay focused, then lose the scrappy holes.

For the first time in a while, I feel like I can achieve the goal we set out on back in November last year… and I can’t tell you how great that feels.

Single figure golfer… INCOMING!!