If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an insatiable appetitive for any kind of technology that might help you improve your game and SkyCaddie’s SkyPro ticks all those boxes. Here’s what I thought of it when I reviewed it for

The SkyPro is a golf swing analyser, designed to “See, Groove and Improve” your swing. Essentially, it’s a small (and pretty good looking!) USB sensor that attaches to your club shaft, just below your grip. It then connects via Bluetooth to your iOS device (iPhone/iPad etc), giving you access to huge amounts of data from your golf swing.

Setting the SkyPro up is very simple. Delve into your SkyPro box, and give the USB sensor a charge (it only takes an hour of charge to deliver 8 hours of practice!). While that’s happening, you’ll need to download the FREE SkyPro app from the Apple App Store. Then…it’s off to the driving range you go!

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