The Manor – Stableford Comp



It’s Saturday. That means it’s comp day at my club, The Manor Golf Club in Drighlington. I play in the club comp pretty much every week and despite my below average performances (at least they’re consistent!), I still give my money and enter it every week. To be honest, I really enjoy it and hope that on the odd occasion I’ll put it all together and win. That would be lovely. I would say ahead of today’s round, the chances of that happening are at best…highly unlikely!

I had my lesson on Tuesday, and felt like we began making progress. Hurrah! However, I suppose what this week has shown me is the real challenge I’m going to have in trying to active this low single figure handicap. Finding the time to actually practice. The only way I’ve been able to try and work on the stuff Ryan and myself ran though has mainly consisted of swinging my sand wedge in the kitchen (smallest club meaning less chance of damaging the house!). I just haven’t had time to go to the range. Now, I’m going to rock up to the course having not even hit any golf balls with my new ‘backswing’ and expect it to work in the competition!

I drive into the car park and realise that have already accepted defeat in my head. I’ve actually told myself that today will be rubbish. Why am I even bothering?! I try and talk myself round as I fasten my shoes and put on my waterproofs. It’s wet and it’s only just getting light.

1st tee…par 4, 374 yards. Pretty simple hole. I take my driver and hit a belter! I have no idea where that shot came from! Hit a pretty decent second, but pulled it a bit and ended up slightly short and right. Ended up with a 6! Not ideal, but I’d hit a couple of decent shots and this new swing actually felt good. Maybe this isn’t going to be too bad.

2nd tee…par 4, 350 yard. Another easy hole. Again, out comes the driver…but this time, I didn’t hit a belter! Duffed it along the floor!! That was it really. From that point on, the front 9 was a disaster! If it wasn’t for the fact that I putted ok it would have been really poor. Once I’d hit a couple badly, I just thought and over thought every swing. Ryan had sent me a message before the round to say ‘concentrate on the score, not the swing’. If only I’d have been able to do that. I scored 14 points on the front (full handicap stableford).

By the time we got to the 10th, I’d accepted that I was out of the comp so I should just relax and try and swing the club without any thoughts, and as Ryan said ‘think about the score not the swing’. I parred the next two holes!!

Stupid game…why couldn’t I just do that before! I went on and played pretty well on the back 9. Driving wasn’t great, but my irons suddenly started working. I didn’t think I was doing anything different…I’d just taken the pressure of the comp out of my head. I went on to score 21 points on the back, shooting a 43. I was so pleased with my score.

However, I don’t think I can contribute it to a magnificent new swing. I got lucky. A few good shots came together at the same time. The thing I really learnt from this round is that I must practice if I’m going to achieve our goal…and figure a way to switch off my brain!