Swing Analysis & Stableford Competitions!

As promised, I got to see James from JWhitaker Golf and let him have a look at my swing. We had a chat about my game and watched some of my shots from The Centurion Club. It didn’t make for particularly pleasant viewing or listening if I’m being totally honest. It certainly wasn’t the kind of golf game that would be improving my handicap anytime soon.

Here’s James’ analysis of my swing:

So, there you go. Certainly some stuff to be working on…!!

Saturday was a stableford competition at my club Howley Hall. I hadn’t had a lot of time to work on my swing and the things I’d gone through with James, but I had managed to get on the course for a few holes of practice to see if I could at least get some confidence back.

Standing on the 1st tee, I wasn’t entirely sure what game I was going to be bringing! A nice steady 5 wood straight up the middle certainly settled the nerves. After a great second shot to the green, I made birdie! That set up what was to be my best score over 9 holes in a competition.

Front 9 Scorecard

Swing Analysis_ Stableford Competitions Scorecard

That’s right… +3 gross. I have no idea how it happened! It was one of those rounds when you’re just in the zone, and the more you play / score well, the more confident you become. It also helps having four 1 putts across 9 holes! Sadly, it was the curse of the commentator for the back 9 as the wheels fell off!! I only managed a pretty awful +12 gross on the back. It really was the tale of two golfers! Still, the front 9 has given me some confidence as to what I can score in a competition.

Golfshake.com stats

Howley Hall 28th May Stats

Looking at my stats on golfshake.com, over the 18 holes they were actually ok. My putts were good, and actually 50% of fairways hit is good for me. The real area for improvement, is GIR… particularly on the Par 4’s. Only hitting 2 out of 11 is going to make it tough!

So, overall I finished the weekend pretty happy. I still managed to score enough to get a third place in the competition… and got a handicap cut. I’m now down to 14.8.

Still a way to go though!

Swing Analysis & Stableford Competitions Handicap