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It's been a while since I've seen Rick, so this was a much needed catch up. Generally, my game has been ok and I've certainly been striking my irons better, albeit not with the consistency I would want from round to round. However, there is a club in my bag that has been really misbehaving... THE DRIVER! If you ... More

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course!

It’s all about my alignment on the golf course! Just thought I’d do a quick update after my lesson today…where it was apparent where most of my issues are coming from. My alignment on the golf course. After having a shocking couple of rounds over the weekend, my trip to see Ryan Rastall at JWhitaker Golf could ... More

How do you play a wet and muddy golf course?

How do you play a wet and muddy golf course? I don’t mind winter golf too much. It’s a good time to set our goals, and keep the improvement moving forward ready for the season to start. That said…jesus it can be hard work trying to play a wet and muddy golf course. This week, I’ve managed a decent practice ... More

The Challenge has a Boys Golf Trip!

The Challenge has a Boys Golf Trip! This weekend, the challenge had a boys golf trip away! I went to Forest Pines for a weekend, to play some golf and celebrate my friend’s birthday. What’s not to like! Well…firstly, the weather! I know you shouldn’t expect too much when planning a golf trip in November, ... More

Is it a low winter golf score…?

Is it a low winter golf score…? As I said on the last blog, it was a shame the season had to end when it did as I really felt like I was getting my game back and felt like some low rounds were on the way. I played last weekend, and despite only scoring 32 points (it was a ¾ handicap stableford), I had no scores on 4 ... More

Not the time to get the shanks!

Not the time to get the shanks! If you read my last update, you’ll remember I’ve been struggling to balance my golf challenge and my work. I’m almost one year into running my own business, so as you’ll appreciate (especially if you run your own business), when you have work… you work. So, that has meant the last ... More

Playing Better Golf?

Playing better golf? It's been a strange couple of weeks as the challenge is getting close to ending for the season. Firstly, work has been ridiculously busy, which has prevented me playing as much as I'd have liked. Also, my eldest has started school this week and I'm doing the drop offs. That has taken away those ... More

Very much an average golfer!

Very much an average golfer The plan was to play a whole lot of golf this last week. That didn’t quite go to plan... again! That said, got a decent amount in, and certainly enough to perform better than I did. I was very much an average golfer. As I started the week, my handicap is currently sat at 15.4. I have 4 ... More

I need to play more golf…

I need to play more golf... The last week or so of golf can be best described as disappointing. Yup, nothing to celebrate here. Time to move on! I have made one decision though, so I suppose I could call that a positive move. I played last week in the comp, and had another round with the new Nike irons. They’re so ... More

Am I getting better at golf?

Am I getting better at golf? A relatively short update this time…and it’s a good one. One I’m happy to waffle on about! I think I may finally be getting better at golf. If you read my update after Saturday, you’ll know I played reasonably well. It was a solid round, except for a few silly mistakes, such as a 3 ... More