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Summer is here... and the kids have finished school for six weeks (nearly seven actually!). Now, this means one thing... HOLIDAYS!!!! This year, our summer holidays were a little different. Our best friend Mick (who's actually on quite a lot of my videos - aka Scouse Mick!) turned 40... so we all went to Thailand to ... More


Golf. Is. Hard. That is a fact! Over the last few weeks, I really started to feel like my game was coming together. But... I cannot do it consistently! From one round to the next, there can be a 10 shot swing. How is that even possible??? What a bloody frustrating game this is! So, how do you become more consistent? ... More


So... finally... something good to talk about!! I played in a medal at my club Howley Hall GC on Saturday, which was one of the major competitions. The rain had been really heavy Friday and overnight, but it stopped just before we went out! Thanks the lord (of golf!). My game was good. Really good. Apart from some ... More


If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an insatiable appetitive for any kind of technology that might help you improve your game and SkyCaddie's SkyPro ticks all those boxes. Here's what I thought of it when I reviewed it for Golfshake.com The SkyPro is a golf swing analyser, designed to "See, Groove and Improve" ... More


  The folk at GolfBuddy are well renowned for their GPS device prowess, and now with the release of the Golfbuddy PT4, they say it will offer players "the finest golf GPS experience." Luckily for me, I got to review it for Golfshake.com! I have to say, the test for this device couldn’t have come at a better ... More

I need to play more golf…

I need to play more golf... The last week or so of golf can be best described as disappointing. Yup, nothing to celebrate here. Time to move on! I have made one decision though, so I suppose I could call that a positive move. I played last week in the comp, and had another round with the new Nike irons. They’re so ... More

I need some swing fixes… anyone help?

I need some swing fixes... anyone help? The golf challenge has hit a bit of a plateau at the minute. Actually, no it hasn't, it's hit a bloody great big wall! No joke, I'm struggling and am in serious need of some swing fixes. I'll be totally honest with you, it really pains me to write this update after the pre ... More

A Golf trophy & a new handicap!

Progress, a golf trophy and a new handicap. That is the theme of this update! Whilst I'm sat here at the airport awaiting my holiday flight, I figured I should write a quick one, and this time...the news isn't too bad! As you'll know if you read my most recent update, the last round out was a decent one. The front 9 ... More

There’s a single figure golfer inside!

After my last post, you may remember my joy at shooting a 40 in the Eclectic competition, and feeling that the rounds of a single figure golfer are getting closer. You may also remember my handicap being reduced to 18.1 after that performance. Then, there was some doubt whether or not the reduction was correct, or a ... More

Have I got a lower handicap?

After the last weeks frustrations, playing inconsistent golf and NOT getting a lower handicap, I went back out to play in the 9 hole stableford comp (3/4 handicap) on Tuesday not really knowing what kind of game I would have. The weather had taken a turn for the worst too. It wasn’t raining, but it was cold and windy. ... More