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It's been a while since I've seen Rick, so this was a much needed catch up. Generally, my game has been ok and I've certainly been striking my irons better, albeit not with the consistency I would want from round to round. However, there is a club in my bag that has been really misbehaving... THE DRIVER! If you ... More

Anyone for a Rory McIlroy Golf Body…?

The last couple of weeks I haven’t played a lot of actual golf. Firstly, its that festive time of year when you have shed loads going on and secondly, we’ve been sharing lots of family illness! If you have young children, you’ll have sympathy on this one. It feels like we’ve been less than 100% for the last three ... More

Time to have a playing lesson.

Time to have a playing lesson. It would appear winter is here then. Not sure if you’re finding it the same on your courses, but it’s tough out there at the minute. Having had some reasonable practice through the week, and a good lesson with Ryan at JWhitaker Golf, I was looking forward to Saturday. Unfortunately, ... More

How do you play a wet and muddy golf course?

How do you play a wet and muddy golf course? I don’t mind winter golf too much. It’s a good time to set our goals, and keep the improvement moving forward ready for the season to start. That said…jesus it can be hard work trying to play a wet and muddy golf course. This week, I’ve managed a decent practice ... More

Golf with a hangover

This weekend, a valuable lesson was learned. I played golf with a hangover. It was not pretty. Some things are meant to go together. Lamb and mint, tea and chocolate, fish & chips. Golf and hangovers are not. I’ve decided to not take this weekends round too much to heart. My preparation this week has been good. ... More

Am I a golfer yet?

  This week, I promised myself that I would make one visit to the range after my lesson. Practicing the swing at home is one thing, but its hard to really know what's happening until you do it with one of those little white things staring up at you. I got myself a basket of balls and picked a spot with the ... More

Eureka moment!

    Time to get back to it and see Ryan, check in on this new swing. I'll be honest, it still doesn't really work! This is the first time I've practiced with 'actual golf balls' since my round on Saturday. I warmed up with a few on my own...and it wasn't great. After chatting with Ryan about how ... More

Back to the drawing board!

  After my absolute disaster round at Mottram Hall last week, I came back to see Ryan. I tried to explain how gutted and demoralised I feel...already! Not good given that we are literally a week into the challenge. As Ryan explained, trying to implement such a major swing change takes time and is unlikely to ... More