My Golf Handicap Challenge

My Golf Handicap Challenge : Can I become a low single figure handicap golfer?

My Golf Handicap Challenge

Can I get from a handicap of 16 to an official low single figure?

I’ve forever been fascinated with the various golf challenges that have been taken up. How to improve your golf from high handicap hacker to scoring a par round in a year, getting a tour card having never hit a golf ball before etc etc, and the successes and failures of such challenges. In 2014, I embarked on a challenge to get down from a 21.6 to a single figure…in less than a year.

How did we do? Well, I managed to get down to 16….and that was tough.

So, where next? Well… I realised that work and kids made doing it in a short space of time very difficult. However, I did totally have the bug for getting better… just without any time restraints this time. And that right there is my challenge from this day on. I want to be a low single figure handicap golfer… and this is my journey to get there.

Why bother with all this I hear you ask? Well, why not! Also, I figure that if it inspires one person or helps one person with their game, then it’s been worthwhile. My son also thinks it’s funny that ‘Daddy is on the internet’… so there you go!