Time To Own My 125!

Another week, another pretty average score sadly. It was a fourball comp at Howley Hall on Saturday, but I tracked my score all the same. It wasn’t a qualifier, but at this stage I need to see where I’m at whilst still figuring out how to play the course. Despite doing some pretty good practice, I finished with a disappointing 92. Scores like that are not going to help my quest are they?!

There was a highlight though on the 15th hole! It’s a LONG par 4, where nailing a drive between two bunkers in crucial. It’s a hole I always really go at (rather than looking at getting there in 3!), and usually end up blocking one right or hooking into the left bunker. Not this week though!! Chris looked as amazed as me!!

Time To Own My 125_15th-Fairway 

So, back to the drawing board this week and after looking at my stats again on Golfshake, its my second shot and particularly my short game (from 125 and in) that are letting me down. For example, my last round I only hit 6 from 18 greens in regulation, and scrambling stats were 0 from 12!  I’m probably similar to most of you… never spending enough time practicing those shots.

Well, not anymore… and I even have some extra inspiration to practice it this month!

I use Golfshake a lot, and think their stat tracking software is awesome (if you don’t use it.. you should!). This month, they are running a competition with Cleveland Golf, with a particular focus on ‘Owing your 125‘. Sounds like a match made in heaven! All you have to do, is take pics of you playing or practicing and share to your fave social media platform with the hashtag #Own125.

Time To Own My 125_Tweet

What I find useful with this, is that it gives me some real focus on my practice. One, because I really need it and two, you can win a cracking prize to go to Cleveland Golf’s Centre of Excellence at Studley Wood! They also have some great video tips on the site too from various Tour Pro’s and some brilliant ones from Andrew Murray. His tips in particular feel very relevant to me.

So, my focus this month is to really #Own125 – and practice my ass off… starting right here!