Time For Some Chipping & Pitching Practice

Time For Some Chipping & Pitching Practice

Well, with a new year, comes new focus.  So, we should really start as we mean to go on!

On looking at my golfshake stats, it’s clear that whilst every aspect of my game needs work if I am to nail this challenge, I must pay particular attention to my short game.  I suppose that comes at a good time to give me some focus given that I am still recovering from the golfers elbow!

With a meeting at Oulton Hall planned, it appeared to be the perfect opportunity to jump on the range for a bit of practice.

Last year, I suffered with the dreaded S***KS on and off, and it completely killed my confidence with the wedges. So much so, at every opportunity I would try and use my 8 iron and run it in. Having scoured YouTube in my hour of need, I found a great chipping and pitching video from Rick Shiels. Not only did it help me get rid of the horrible ‘you know whats’, but it also gave me a really simple drill to help develop a consistent method with those shots.

Here’s the 3 part tip video I used from Rick Shiels

During this practice session, I just focussed on wedge shots using this drill. Picking targets from 80 yards and in and finding the swings that delivered that shot. It also meant I wasn’t risking more damage to the golfers elbow.

I did hit a few full shots, but only went with a mid iron. If you’re anything like me… you always want to smack a few with the big stick, but I resisted… IT WAS REALLY HARD though!!

I guess the main positive, was that the arm felt ok… oh, and the chipping wasn’t bad either!

VIDEO – Chipping & Pitching Practice