Time to start


It’s time to start…and what better place to begin our journey than at The Manor’s driving range.

Currently, my ball flight is like this. All over the place! No real consistent bad shots. They kind of go all over. Some high hooks, some straight decent ones that just sound awful (poor connections that somehow I’m just getting away with), and some high blocks. Huge variety…basically I have no idea where the ball will go!


So, time to get back to basics.


As Ryan watched me hit half a dozen balls, it didn’t take long to figure out my first issue. In my desperation to hit the ball from the inside (that’s what you read you should do!), I’m swinging around my body, meaning the club is hugely laid off at the top of my backswing (again, think that’s what you call it!).  This then means my downswing is always struggling and the chance of having a square club head at impact is non-existent…unless I get very lucky! I also have a restricted shoulder turn and I’m using my hands…a lot. Major swing rebuild required!


First thing we looked at was my take away, and that didn’t mean the local Chinese! Ryan simply explained the impact my current takeaway was having on my swing. When he shows me it’s obvious why I’m not hitting the ball well! So, step 1…the only thought I need right now is ‘club head outside the hands on takeaway’. Oh, and if there’s room in my head keep left arm close to chest. Two thoughts. I can do that.


I hit about 40 balls using this method. It feels weird. Everything about it feels wrong and the balls I’m hitting are not going where they should be! I’m not filled with confidence. I guess this is where all us high handicappers go wrong. We get a lesson and our pro changes something. It feels odd and the results are not immediate. So, next time we hit balls / play we disregard what they’ve said and go back to what we ‘think’ is giving us better results and get worse than we were before. Then, we blame the pro for ‘breaking our swing!’.


Ryan assures me this will all help in the long term, and if we’re to achieve our goals then I just have to do as I’m told, listen & trust. We carry on hitting balls. It carries on feeling odd. The balls carry on going in every direction and not the one I’m thinking they will go in.


Single figures feel an awful long way away!