Who doesn’t love Trackman?

Who doesn’t love Trackman?
Xmas has been and gone – but I got an extra little gift from James at James Whitaker Golf at Moor Allerton Golf Club… a session on Trackman. James has a great set up down at Moor Allerton, great shop, fitting service AND a Trackman room. He suggested that Ryan and I came down and have a go on his Trackman and have a look at my numbers; see what we could learn from them.  Amazing…cue much excitement!

I’ve had a good look around youtube at Trackman videos, particularly the stuff Sean Foley talks about. He seems to be a bit of a Trackman disciple. It looks amazing! Also, Ryan has talked about Trackman a lot. In fact, more than a lot! If I won the lottery, I would buy him one! Thing is, Sean Foley and Ryan are not the only ones of course. It seems that it’s the essential piece of kit for today’s pro golfer. On the ranges before tournements, all the guys are practicing with their own Trackman devices. It’s only now that golf clubs and practice facilities are seeing the huge benefit of having Trackman and are investing in their own. That said, there are still not many that have them…yet, hence my excitement when James got in touch.


Here’s Sean Foley explaining why Trackman is so brilliant!



So, off we went to meet James. After a quick brew, he took us into the Trackman room. He then explained how it worked and what we should be looking at.

Essentially, what Trackman does is analyses club and ball data – Club head speed, club path, swing plane, face angle and loads of other stuff. The best thing is its mega accurate, there’s no place to hide. In golf, the margins are so small that you may get away with shots and the ball flight might look to be ok. What this does is show you EXACTLY what’s going on in the swing, at impact and with your ball flight, sending you away with a clear understanding of what you need to work on.

So, after swinging and hitting a few balls with the Trackman poised behind me, it was clear where my improvement needed to happen…and it was largely club path. The path is the direction the club head is moving at impact. My path was averaging +6, meaning the club head is moving to the right of the target at impact. My face was around +1 to begin with and club head speed around 80mph (8 iron). What’s good is that this is what Ryan and I have started working on, as we knew it was an issue with my swing. We’ve been doing some drills to try to make sure the club head is moving left at impact. What the very clever Trackman showed us, is that I’ve not practiced nearly enough!


Trackman action

Trackman action


What’s amazing, is you can start making some changes in your golf swing and get actual scientific feedback immediately. This has to be a massive help? I really worked on feeling like I was moving the club head left at impact and follow through. It took a while but seeing the numbers coming down was great, but you could actually feel it too. I can really see how this could be addictive! By the end of the session, my path was more between 0 and -1, which indicated I was improving. However, it was resulting in a slightly more closed clubface. James thought this might be partly due to an issue with my clubs and that I may need to look at changing them in the quite near future…which sounds expensive!

We only had an hour on the Trackman today at James Whitaker golf, but the benefit is huge. It not only gave us confidence that we were moving in the right direction and working on the right things, but also gave me some really clear action points.

I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant it is. If you’re looking to improve your game and a facility near you has a Trackman, I would really recommended it. If you’re in Yorkshire, get in touch with James and book a session down at Moor Allerton GC.

I’ll post some of the numbers from the session once I get them, and will hopefully go back in a months time to compare my Trackman sessions and see if there’s a noticeable improvement.

I’ll be honest, I can’t wait to get back for another session. Aside from the great technology, it’s a nice warm place to practice!


To get some of your own Trackman action with James, click here for all the contact info.


To get geeky and read more about Trackman, click here. It really is brilliant…and a little mind boggling!